Preparation: 35'
Difficulty: average
Servings: 4


4 single-serving soles


The sauce:


2 ñora peppers


2 cloves of garlic


1 roll


1 large and ripe tomato, 50 g. of hazelnuts, sherry vinegar


Olive oil


Cooking salt


The somewhat unorthodox “tumbet”


1 eggplant


1 courgette


2 potatoes from Galicia (where else!) 1 tomato, 1 onion


1 small bulb of fennel


1⁄4 litre of tomato sauce


Virgin olive oil


Cooking salt, white pepper


The sauce:


After removing the stem and seeds from the ñora peppers, allow them to soak for no less than 2 hours.

In a large mortar, crush two cloves of garlic together with a pinch of cooking salt and the previously toasted hazelnuts.

To the preceding mixture, add the pulp from the ñora peppers (scrap with a spoon), then add the previously roasted tomato to the paste (including the skin and seeds, a Catalonian touch of genius that gives the dish a certain rustic feeling).

Next, add the bread, which will have been softened with the best sherry vinegar and a healthy splash of olive oil.

Check the seasoning, and give it a final touch from the mortar to give it that final taste that recalls all the flavours of a meal in the countryside.


The “tumbet”:


In a large frying pan with hot oil, brown, one by one and appropriately seasoned, all the vegetables cut into slices, without peeling the courgette, tomato and eggplant.

Arranged in layers (“vegetable lasagne”, a cheesy person once wrote), slowly roast at 160º C for no less than 1-1/2 hours (the traditional Balearic Island recipe calls for serving in clay casseroles, malleable like Adam, but I am from Toledo).

Grill the sole, on a grill or in frying pan, seasoned, and accompany with the awesome romesco sauce (the only sauce I know of that uses hazelnuts) and the seductive “tumbet”, which, for a juicier consistency and a spring colour, should be covered with a cloak of tomato sauce.

Chef Abraham García for SEA EIGHT

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