Preparation: 25'
Difficulty: average
Servings: 4


2 good-sized soles


3 tomatoes


2 green peppers, 1 red pepper, 2 spring onions


2 limes and 1 large orange. A few sprigs of cilantro. 1 fresh chilli pepper (optional)


Cooking salt


White pepper


Remove the skin from the soles, and using your best knife, remove their shiny fillets.


After seasoning with salt and pepper, squeeze orange juice over them and allow to marinate no less than 2 hours.


For the “pico de gallo” (inspiration and freshness from Mexican cuisine, so similar to our “pipirranas” and vinaigrettes), mince the tomatoes after having peeled them and removed the seeds and juice. Do the same with the peppers, and dice the spring onions (including the green stalks).


Add the minced cilantro, your favourite fresh chilli pepper (or a touch of Tabasco, but please don’t tell me), the lime juice, the oil and salt.


If they are in season – no matter how much they may go against the normal recipe – I like adding some peeled chestnuts cooked al dente to “pico de gallo”. Better if they’ve heard Rosalía singing.


Cut the sole into fillets or cubes and arrange on top of the pico de gallo, before dressing with fine oil.


And enjoy it quickly, before the meal and the Godello wine get warm! Ándele!




Chef Abraham García for SEA EIGHT

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