Preparation: 25'
Difficulty: average
Servings: 4-6


2 good-sized soles


1 yellow chilli pepper (frozen and easy to obtain, although it can be replaced by another fresh chilli pepper)


2 shallots


Sprigs of cilantro


1 mango


A few cubes of frozen passion fruit pulp (lacking the gelatinous fresh pulp of the ever-less exotic fruit)


The juice of 2 green lemons


2 teaspoons of honey


1 of sugar


1 generous splash of the best oil


Another, tiny, splash of sesame oil


A dash of cooking salt.


Blend the mix of ingredients (the chilli pepper without its seeds) using a hand-held blender or a Thermomix at high speed. Taste for flavour, cover and store the sauce in the refrigerator.


Remove the skin from the sole and carefully remove its beautiful fillets and place on top of the unctuous and aromatic sauce.


Accompany, if you wish, with roast sweet potato, a red onion cut in julienne, dressed seaweed, pickled ginger, etc.



Chef Abraham García for SEA EIGHT

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