Preparation: 35'
Difficulty: average
Servings: 4-6


2 good-sized soles


4-6 green pumpkins of no more than 1 kilo each, 2 red peppers, 4 green peppers and 4 medium-sized tomatoes


2 large onions


4 cloves of garlic


1 slice of salt pork


Olive oil


Cooking salt


A touch of pepper


A dash of sugar


A dab of thyme, oregano and pebrella wild thyme


Armed with the patience of a saint, begin by sautéing the garlic cloves in a little bit of oil and the fat resulting the slice of salt pork until the garlic begins to brown. Then add the previously diced peppers and onions (diced to under a centimetre).


At very low heat, allow the vegetables to cook thoroughly before adding finely diced tomato.


Stir occasionally while cooking so that the ratatouille acquires a mellow consistency similar to a vegetable jam. It should could for no less than two hours.


This will allow you plenty of time to open up the green pumpkins, remove the seeds and remove the pulp using a scoop. Dice the pulp like the other vegetables, and after coating it with oil and adding with salt and pepper, roast in an oven at 180º C for 20 minutes on a large tray.


In the final stretch, add the roasted pulp to the ratatouille.


Add a dash of sugar to the mixture, as well as the herbs, and taste.


Put the ratatouille in the hollowed-out little pumpkins that you have saved (less to wash!), and before covering them, add the diced sole cutlets, which will have been briefly sautéed in a minimum of hot oil after having obviously removed their skin.


Give the slice of salt pork used to soften and brighten the ratatouille to the cat as a treat.

Chef Abraham García for SEA EIGHT

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