At SEA EIGHT, we know that innovation and research are essential factors for offering the best products and improving our positioning in the world. As leaders in the specialized aquaculture sector, we are driven every day to make headway in research and to implement new techniques and processes, while always being aware of the responsibility that comes with being at the cutting edge, especially regarding sustainability and care for the marine environment.


The technology of our Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) allows us to produce ecologically* on land by re-using the water from our crops, which is run through mechanical filtration systems. The input and output water of the aquatic installations is duly treated to ensure that it returns to the sea free from organic matter content. We also make sure to provide our soles with the environmental stability conditions they need, similar to those of the marine environment, while making optimal use of the available resources.




Our latest R&D project is targeted at improving production quality, on which our most qualified professionals have been working for months in cooperation with IRTA and Rara Avis. The technique involved, called REARLING, allows the genetic selection of our fish through in vitro fertilization in order to choose the most suitable specimens for reproduction. Male soles grown in captivity cannot reproduce, which means that the aquaculture of this species frequently faces challenges. The variability of the gene pool and the frequency or quantity of viable eggs are some of the challenges involved with depending, to a large extent, on wild male specimens for reproduction. REARLING opens up immense possibilities in this field, given that it allows controlling production and obtaining the desired quantity of fish at any given time, subject to selecting the specimens that are in the best condition with respect to growth, look and flavour.


We owe it to our customers and our consumers, which is why, at SEA EIGHT, we are very serious about innovation and responsibility in everything we do. Taking the lead in aquatic research and development allows us to always offer top-quality products to our customers, thereby providing them with not only food health but also the best gastronomic possibilities.

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