Sea Eight: Innovation and internationalization, the basis of our new corporate identity

At SEA EIGHT, we know how important visual identity is for the brand. That’s why we’ve decided to adopt a new corporate identity that reflects our personality and our way of doing things, representing our mission, vision and values visually. Fearless as ever, we’re relaunching our brand with a new name and a redesigned logo and website.


After months of analysis, appraisal and positioning, we’re proud and excited to present this change as a visible expression of our new corporate strategy, which revolves around innovation and international presence.


SEA EIGHT represents the eighth sea, which is connected to the seven seas of the ancient world but is situated on dry land. This is made possible by our innovative technology, which guarantees the premium quality of our products and makes us world leaders in sole farming.



Our new corporate image preserves the essence of SEA EIGHT, which is centred around sustainability, consumer health, specialisation and innovation in aquaculture, and boosts our company’s online presence as a benchmark for quality in fish farming.


With a corporate image that inspires a more sustainable, respectful way of doing things, we’re enthusiastically moving into a new phase in our development. This step forward has rekindled our dedication to what we do and renewed our motivation to continue to be a benchmark for quality and professionalism.

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