€73 million investment in a new farm for producing Premium sole

We are proud to present one of our most ambitious projects to date, which has received support and collaboration from the Government of the Principality of Asturias. The farm is Spain’s latest major innovation in aquaculture and will be located in El Musel (Asturias). It will require a €73 million investment and is set to create 145 new jobs over the next six years.


The project, which will be dedicated exclusively to farming and fattening sole, is intended to meet the growing global demand for this premium fish and mitigate the challenges facing the world in the imminent future, including threats from overpopulation and shortages of fish protein. With these aims in mind, we have designed a plan for new farms to supply high-quality fresh fish. The aquaculture complex in El Musel will cover the full production cycle, with a hatchery and six fattening modules aimed at increasing production capacity.


The first phase of the project will begin with the construction of an initial cutting-edge production unit drawing on SEA EIGHT’s ample expertise. The unit will feature RAS (Recirculation Aquaculture System) technology, which was developed entirely by our team of professionals to improve sustainability and protect the marine environment. This phase will require €12.3 million in investment and create around 25 jobs.


This innovative aquaculture project is based on an administrative concession and will be located on land in La Figar, which offers clear benefits due to its excellent logistical position and long fishing tradition.


SEA EIGHT currently has the capacity to produce 1,000 tons of sole each year. Investment in this new project, which is backed by the Gijón Port Authority and the Principality of Asturias and coordinated by the IDEPA, will increase this capacity by 2,600 tons per year, more than doubling our current output. This will bring benefits to the Iberian Peninsula and mark the launch of a plan for international expansion with sales channels in Europe, the United States and the Middle East.



The project is a major venture, which is set to attract investment and jobs to the area, protect the marine ecosystem and employ cutting-edge technology.


We could not be more content to be the driving force behind this bid for innovation, sustainability and growth and we hope to achieve an increase in capacity of up to 400 tons in a sustainable manner during the initial phase of the project.

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